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Connect Scale

The ConnectScale Bluetooth® Smart Digital Scale and Fishing App is the most innovative solution to weighing and tracking catch data from fishing trips ever created. You catch it, you weigh it, the app logs it.  Using Bluetooth® Smart low energy technology the ConnectScale wirelessly transmits weight and air temperature data to the integrated app on your iOS or Android mobile device.  By simply weighing your catches you will be able to automatically log weight, air temperature, date, time, & GPS location to the ConnectScale App.  The ConnectScale App is currently available on iTunes and Google Play stores.  It features a simple and clean user interface the app allows you to easily capture key data of your catches and save them to a cloud database. View the Catch Log and Summary reports to review historical data on previous catches to help you remember the What, When, Where, and How. Want to brag to your fishing buddies? The app also allows you to share your catches on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.


From the very beginning, Amphibia has set our sights on revolutionizing the performance eyewear industry through innovation and leading-edge technology. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts by outdoor enthusiasts, Amphibia floating eyegear is so much more than just another pair of sunglasses. From the rugged, lightweight polymers that form the basis of our high-flotation architecture, to the ultra-clear lenses that meet or exceed the highest standards for impact resistance, we’re performance-focused.

Tournament Tackle

Tournament Tackle is an online retailer formed by like minded tournament anglers aimed at satisfying the needs of the tournament angler ranging from the amateur to pro level.  We have taken a different approach in our offerings to simplify your tackle selection while saving you money through bulk/volume pricing.  You will find various options for items that we have hand picked to go together and in the quantities that solve the problem that many of us face.  Running out of baits on that day when they are on fire and you didn't put enough in the boat!

Midwest Fishing Club

We at Midwest Fishing Club are a group of Men and Woman that love to fish. We come from all over the World and range from beginner to experts in our type of fishing. If you love to fish feel free to join us by sending in instructional videos, articles, places you fish or any other helpful fishing information.‚Äč

Liquid Mayhem

Liquid Mayhem is an all natural bait scent designed to interact with your fishing lure to form a dynamic system greater than the individual parts. With over 40 years of combined business experience, we know that the success of our business is entirely dependent on the experience that we provide for our customers. With that in mind Mayhem Bait Co. is committed to delivering a product that exceeds your expectations and earns your trust.


The HydroWave™ is a patented electronic sound device that emits the natural sounds of bait fish and predatory fish feeding on them. Together the sounds produce an instinctive response in nearby predatory fish such as large mouth bass and other predatory fish that can hear the sounds and feel the vibrations of the sound waves in the water. Predatory Fish include Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Sand Bass, Crappie, Stripers, Walleyes, Muskie, Channel Catfish and more. By hearing the sounds and feeling the vibrations the fish are drawn in the direction of the HydroWave more eager to strike bait. This device is intended to give fishermen a considerable advantage in catching a greater number of "keeper" fish.


Hand made high quality tungsten jigs and more for our customers to go out and catch that bass of a lifetime.

Fifty One 7 Tungsten